National Natural Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" was established by to the Decree of Ukraine President № 699/2007 of 13.08.2007. The total area of the park is 39315,5 ha. The Park was established for conservation, restoration and rational use of typical and unique natural Polissya ecosystems, which have important environmental, scientific, aesthetic, recreational and healthy importance, raising public environmental consciousness.

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У 2017 році за пропозицією Секретаріату Рамсарської конвенції Всесвітній день водно-болотних угідь (2 лютого) відзначається під девізом «Водно-болотні угіддя для зменшення впливу стихійних лих».

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The National Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" area is interesting for scientific tourism. Wetlands are valuable as nesting sites and stop at migration for a huge number of wetland and near-water birds. During migration, about 150 000 birds are observed at this area. Birds species diversity is over 200 species. Guides from the National Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" will introduce you to this mysterious world of nature without danger to the environment working alone the specially designed roots.

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