National Natural Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" was established by to the Decree of Ukraine President № 699/2007 of 13.08.2007. The total area of the park is 39315,5 ha. The Park was established for conservation, restoration and rational use of typical and unique natural Polissya ecosystems, which have important environmental, scientific, aesthetic, recreational and healthy importance, raising public environmental consciousness.

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Весняна погода прийшла в зимові місяці, тому на території парку розпочались спостереження за міграціями птахів. Також стартувала акція до Дня зустрічі птахів. Закликаємо природолюбів долучатися...

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Ecological routes "Pripyat journey"

The ecological route opens the exciting, various and endless views of enchanting nature park. It lets you to enrich yourself spiritually, to accumulate natural healing energy, to acquaint yourself with the Polissya province life. The extremely diverse and rich world of birds (250 species) is very interesting on the trail. The center of these birds residence is floodplain of Prypiat river. The flora is also various and it is well preserved. Most part of this route is between "reed jungles," where dozens of channels of river Pripyat flow. There are the sand dunes, islands where you can go on shore and visit the unusual scenic landscapes, as if separated from the surrounding reality by the swampy stretches of water. The route runs along the Prypiat river: start near the village Schytyn - village Pochapy (Vyzhivska water intake) - village Nevir - village Vetly - recreational point "Dubok" (3 km from village Lyubotin) - Lake Lyubyaz (village Lyubyaz) - village Khotsun - tract Muravyna - village Svalovychi. The total length of 74 km. The trip lasts 3 days.

DAY 1: Channel Vyzhivka near the village Ratno - village Komarovo – village Yakushev - tract Berestya (16 km); DAY 2: tract Berestya - village Richytsia – Schedrohir village - Schytyn village; DAY 3: Schytyn village - Vyzhivska water intake, village Nevir, village Vetly (27 km) or (21km.); DAY 4: 2 options: horses or automobile trip to the lake Bile, or last day of the journey passes by rout: Svalovychi village - Mlyn village - lake Zasvitske - the bunkers of the First World War - Svalovychi village; DAY 5: village Vetly - tract Dubok - village Lyubyaz  (30 km); DAY 6: village Lyubyaz  -  village Khotsun  - tract Muravyna - village Svalovychi  (18 km); DAY 7: Tour to the village Svalovychi.

Travels by motorboat Such trips are interesting too, because they allow a short time and with comfort to get acquainted with unique features of this region. Guides from the National Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" introduce you to a magical world of nature of this remote corner of Polissya and historical events, that the region is rich.

ROUTE № 1: Stokhid-Pripyat. Length - 46 km. village Lyubeshiv - tract Popivka – village Buchin- village Svalovychi -tract Muravyna- village Khotsun – village Lyubyaz;

ROUTE № 2: Cascade of lakes. The length: village Nevir - village Pochapy - lake Svyate -  lake Volyanske - lake Bile;

ROUTE № 3: Village Nobel – village Mlyn- the bunkers of the First World War (near village Mlyn) - village Mlyn – village Nobel;

ROUTE № 4: (two days): Village Lyubyaz - village Khotsun - tract Muravyna - village Svalovychi - village Mlyn - lake Nobel - passing the night - back in the opposite direction.

Tourist route "Magical World of Polissya"

Trip down Stokhid river, Polissian "Amazon" gives an opportunity to touch the kingdom of wild, untouched nature, to feel its rhythm, to absorb all its beauty. Tour begins in the village Lyubeshiv that allows to get acquainted with the rich history of the province. Village Buchyn is quite an interesting stop on the route. Here you can visit native sanctuary - Buchynska church. It was built at the site of the vision of Our Lady. And at present time Buchynska icon heals the spiritual and physical blemishes. The international route of extreme boating competitions "Polissya regatta" goes here. The total length of the route is 46 km. Kayaking takes 2 days and by motorboats -1 day. The route: Stokhid river: village Lyubeshiv - tract "Popovki" - village Buchyn - village Svalovychi - tract Muravyna - village Hotsun - lake Lyubyaz - village Lyubyaz.

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