National Natural Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" was established by to the Decree of Ukraine President № 699/2007 of 13.08.2007. The total area of the park is 39315,5 ha. The Park was established for conservation, restoration and rational use of typical and unique natural Polissya ecosystems, which have important environmental, scientific, aesthetic, recreational and healthy importance, raising public environmental consciousness.

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6-7 липня 2019 року відбудеться 10-й ювілейний фестиваль з екстремального водного туризму "Поліська регата-2019".

Запрошуємо учасників змагань зареєструватися в розділі ДІЯЛЬНІСТЬ/Масові заходи/Поліська регата

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altThe Park actively cooperates at international level.

From the 2002 the administration of Regional Landscape Park «Pripyat-Stokhid» got support from the Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany). Since 2007, after the establishment of Natural National Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" such environmental projects as "White Tit", "Goldeneye", "Bats," "Birds of prey" have been undertaken permanently with the support of this organization. These projects are directed to improve conditions and increase the number of rare species in the park.

During 2002-2004 and 2006-2008, a significant support to the Park was received from the TACIS projects of the European Union “Joint River Management Programme on Monitoring and Assessment of Water Quality on Transboundary Rivers Pripyat (Ukraine-Belarus)” and “Transboundary River Basin Management: phase 2 for Pripyat river”. In frame of these projects, the equipment was purchased and necessary works were performed to clean “the worst” parts of the river) from fish catching barriers, big fall trees, water plants and bushes growing in the riverbed. These actions supported restoration of hydrological regime in Pripyat and Stokhid.

The Park has partnership with Narwa National Park (Poland), biosphere reserve "Spreewald" (Germany) and the national park "Veeriben de Veht" (Holland) in the scientific, environmental-educational and recreational activities.

During 2008-2011 UNDP / GEF project "Strengthening of the governance and financial sustainability of the national system of protected area in Ukraine" was implemented in the Natural National Park "Pripyat-Stokhid". The park became part of Ukraine's first transboundary Ramsar area "Pripyat-Stokhid-Prostyr" as the result of that cooperation. The tournament of a hand-mowing of lowland swamps "Ukrainian mowing" started in order to attract the public to the problems of floodplains degradation. The festival of extreme water tourism "Polissya regatta" was started, touristic roots were arranged, and a number of mini-grants were implemented in order to promote eco-tourism.

altProject "Inclusion of climates changes into the management of vulnerable ecosystems of Polissya: natural-protected area in Ukraine ", supported by the European Union, is being implemented in the Park from 2011. It is implemented in partnership: Association "VERSeau Development" (France), Ukrainian Society of the Birds Protection, National Natural Park "Pyrénées" (France); Polessky Nature Reserve (Zhytomyr Region), National Natural Park "Pripyat-Stokhid" (Volyn Region). The main tasks of the project are: Assess of the current state of vulnerable ecosystems and the factors that affect them; forecasting and modelling of climate change and extreme weather events (prolonged rain, prolonged heat, drought, etc.) for Polissya region;  to develop an Action Plan with conservation of vulnerable ecosystems under climate change for two selected protected areas based on results of researches; raise public awareness about the climate change effects and conservation of wetlands through environmental and educational activities.

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